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Proposing Institution

Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)
Project Manager

Dr. Noam Libeskind
An der Sternwarte 16
14482 Potsdam
Over the past 10 years we have performed a series of constrained simulations of the local universe. We propose to extend this research based on two important new developments: the next generation of constrained initial conditions that incorporate a much more detailed view of the local universe, and using more modern numerical methods to understand the complex behaviour of the cosmological baryonic fluid.Until now these constrained simulations have only been performed using smooth particle hydrodynamics which, in comparison to the methods currently at our disposal, are rudimentary in how they handle both the details of the interstellar and intergalactic medium, but also how they approach feedback processes such as AGN feedback, stellar explosions, and supernovae. We now have the possibility of using state of the art moving mesh codes to compute the hydrodynamics and sub-grid baryonic physics. On top of this, our understanding of the characteristic properties of the local neighbourhood has improved dramatically as has our ability to provide accurate initial conditions that reproduce the main cosmography in the local universe. We therefore propose running high resolution simulations that will allow us to study the subtle details of the local group and local volume. Such a large region has never been simulated using constrained initial conditions, and doing so will open up a new chapter in the marriage between simulations and observations of the near field. It will undoubtedly shed light on the formation of the Milky Way and our surroundings.

Impressum, Conny Wendler