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Proposing Institution

Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln
Project Manager

Prabesh Joshi
Zülpicher Str. 77
50937 Köln
The simulations investigate the formation of molecular clouds in two different models: (i)the colliding flows of the warm neutral medium and (ii) supersonic, driven turbulence in cu-bic pieces of the ISM with periodic boundary conditions. The simulations will be carried outwith a modified version of the Eulerian AMR code FLASH 4, into which additional physicalprocesses have been implemented. In addition to magneto-hydrodynamics and turbulence,diffuse radiative transfer and two (optional) chemical networks to treat the formation ofmolecular hydrogen and CO as well as non-equilibrium cooling and heating effects havebeen included. The aims of the project are to (1) study the numerical and physical resolutionrequired to reach a converged picture of molecular gas formation using these two typicalsetups. (2) For the colliding flow scenario, the resolution study for the two employed chem-ical networks (a simpler and a slightly more complex one) will be carried out to test if thefindings are general. (3) For the more complex chemical network, the dependence of theseresults on the applied cosmic ray ionization rate will be studied in the colliding flow model,which will impact the CO fraction of the dense gas. (4) The formation of molecular gas willfurther be investigated using different magnetic field strengths in the colliding flow model.This point aims to confirm or falsify recent numerical findings that observed magnetic fieldstrengths would lead to a suppression of dense, molecular gas formation. (5) The highest res-olution simulations (resolving up to 200 AU) will allow to resolve pre-stellar cores within theforming, filamentary molecular clouds and explore their structure and kinematic properties,which can be compared to observations using synthetic observations e.g. in dust and severalmolecular lines. To successfully carry out the project, 23 million CPU hours on SuperMUCis requested.

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