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Proposing Institution

Max Planck Institute for Physics
Project Manager

Dr. Patric Muggli
Föhringer Ring 6
80805 München
Plasma accelerators are unique devices. They are exciting from a fundamental scientific perspective, while they also have a tremendous potential for scientific and technological applications, including high-energy physics (HEP) and x-ray imaging. We propose to simulate various acceleration and radiation processes using the PIC code OSIRIS and associated radiation code JRAD, both developed by team members.The AWAKE plasma acceleration experiment, which will soon take place at CERN, is an essential step for bringing plasma accelerators towards HEP. AWAKE will employ a long proton bunch to drive a 10 meter plasma accelerator. In this context this proposal is geared towards enhancing the wakefields over long propagation distances. These wakefields evolve significantly over the first few meters of plasma, and it is essential to understand and control this evolution to guide it towards stable, large amplitude wakefields sustained over long distances. In addition we will study the optimization of the energy transfer efficiency to accelerated particles, as well as various injection techniques including external and ionization injection.In plasma-based accelerators the wakefields are sustained by a plasma "shaped" for example by the laser pulse driver. This allows for taking advantage of the new potential offered by emerging exotic laser beams. Motivated by our recent results, in which lasers with orbital angular momentum could be used for high gradient positron acceleration, we will exploit the use of exotic drivers to generate new kinds of wakefields with new properties that could also be imprinted onto the accelerated particles and onto their radiation. We will investigate these novel accelerating structures using full 3D simulations, a really challenging task. We will also use JRAD to compute the radiation by the accelerated particles and determine its unique characteristics. Understanding the acceleration and radiation processes will allow for their optimization and for the design of unique sources.

Impressum, Conny Wendler