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Proposing Institution

Institut für Informatik der LMU
Project Manager

Dr. Karl Fürlinger
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 München
Smart-DASH builds upon previous work with DASH, a data-structure oriented C++ template library that can exploit hierarchical organization afforded by machines and algorithms. Smart-DASH extends this work by addressing some of the most pressing challenges on the way to Exascale. The runtime and C++ template library will be extended to support a task-based execution model and with the notion of memory spaces, Smart-DASH will be able to exploit the complex memory architecture of upcoming machines. Several case studies will explore the utility of these new features in the context of important scientific problem classes.As part of the project we will develop smart data structures that capture frequently encountered application scenarios, such as N-dimensional arrays with built-in support for halo regions, to enable a productive transition onto new hardware platforms and assist in code modernization efforts. To address fault tolerance and reliability, we will explore concepts for the redundant storage of data items and with the DASH data dock we will explore the usage of the PGAS approach in general and NVRAM in particular for the coupling of applications.

Impressum, Conny Wendler