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Fachgebiet Mechanik auf Höchstleistungsrechnern
Project Manager

Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Marc Hirschvogel
Parkring 35
85748 Garching
Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulations are a persistent matter of interest in science and engineering both for their numerous applications and computational challenges. One reoccuring class of problems is the implicit modeling of the interaction of incompressible flow (incomp. Navier-Stokes) with finite deformation solid mechanics. Such FSI problems can be large and the resulting systems ofequations are strongly nonlinear and nonsymmetric and potentially ill-conditioned.For this class of problems, a monolithic and parallel software framework has been developed in an in-house research code. The solver is based on an algebraic multigrid approach, where the coupled FSI problem is coarsened in a variational consistent way. The code has been tested to outperform other approaches described in the literature in terms of convergence and robustness and has been shown to scale well for upto medium sized benchmarks (10^7 unknowns).In this project the objectives are 2-fold:We will investigate a novel nonlinear algebraic multigrid approach that promises the potential to shift floating point operations towards the highyl scalable, communication-free evaluation of the residual equations and away from the solve of sparse linearized systems of equations.In addition, the weak scalability of the software framework "Baci" is to be analyzed and improved in a collaborative effort together with researchers from LRZ. Bottlenecks and improvement strategies will be developed to optimize exploitation of sustained peak performance of SuperMUC.For the latter part, a KONWIHR project on the same topic has been proposed and granted.

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