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Proposing Institution

Department für Geo- und Umweltwiss. Sektion Mineralogie {Dingwell}
Project Manager

Dr. Ulrich Küppers
Theresienstr. 41
80333 München
Explosive volcanic eruptions eject large quantities of gas and particles into the atmosphere. The portion directly above the vent commonly shows characteristics of underexpanded jets. Understanding the factors that influence the initial ejection dynamics is necessary in order to better assess the resulting near- and far-field hazards. Field observations are often insufficient for the characterization of volcanic explosions due to lack of safe access to such environments. Fortunately, their dynamics can be simulated in the laboratory where experiments are performed under controlled conduit and vent conditions and the obtained data should greatly enhance our ability to numerically model explosive ejecta in nature. Experimental gas ejection performed using a shock-tube at 50 and 150 bar overpressure and using three different vent geometries (cylinder, funnel flaring at 15° and 30°) will be numerically simulated in order to compare with the experimental data and the field observations. The aim of this project is to integrate field, experimental and numerical results on explosive volcanic eruptions and thereby deepen our understanding of the related processes that cannot be observed directly in nature at no risk. To accomplish this project we apply for a total amount of 2 680 013 CPU-h.

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