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Proposing Institution

Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln
Project Manager

Dr. Daniel Seifried
Zülpicher Str. 77
50937 Köln
We will study the formation and evolution of molecular clouds by means of high-resolution zoom-in simulations of stratified galactic disks. The simulations are a follow-up of the work performed in the Large-Scale Gauss Project pr45si carried out on the general purpose supercomputer SuperMuc, where the long-term evolution of different galactic disks was modelled with significantly lower spatial resolution. By zooming in with a smart adaptive mesh refinement technique, we center on individual molecular clouds while these are forming and evolving within a live environment. In this way we can explore the impact of environmental conditions like supernova shock waves, gas accretion, or collisions and mergers of molecular clouds in a self-consistent way. In addition, we may study overall different galactic environments, e.g. disks with a higher gas surface density. These simulations will enable us to address multiple open questions in the understanding of molecular cloud formation. In particular, we will investigate how magnetic fields are arranged in molecular clouds, what kinematic properties the clouds have before feedback by star formation sets in, how turbulent motions are driven by gas accretion, and if and how the internal, filamentary cloud structure depends on the cloud environment.The state-of-the-art simulations will be carried out with a modified version of the Eulerian AMR code FLASH 4, into which we implemented additional physical processes like e.g. gas self-gravity with mixed boundary conditions, sink particles, diffuse radiative transfer, a chemical network to model the formation of molecular hydrogen and CO, and non-equilibrium cooling and heating effects.

Impressum, Conny Wendler