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Proposing Institution

University Observatory Munich
Project Manager

Dr. Klaus Dolag
Scheinerstr. 1
81679 München
We propose to perform a set of cosmological, hydrodynamical simulation, where the computational most intensive of them covers a cosmic volume of (1 GPc)3, sampled with 2x30323 particles. This covers a large enough volume, with high enough spatial/mass resolution to follow in detail the evolution of galaxies and especially the AGN population. This will be accomplished by one low resolution but large volume (40x larger) simulation needed to reach a simulated volume comparable to the current and ongoing survey sizes. A final element of the simulation campaign will be a set of intermediate size simulations to explore the impact induced by the current uncertainty of the most important cosmological parameters. All simulations will follow cooling, star-formation, a detailed treatment of chemical enrichment by SN Ia, SN II and AGB winds and will include spitzer thermal conduction and magnetic fields. Additionally they will include the evolution of black holes and the corresponding AGN feedback. This will allow us for the very first time to study self consistently galaxy clusters, galaxy groups, galaxies and AGNs within a enormously large volume of the Universe. This will produce a theoretical counterpart to interpret the data coming from current and forthcoming astronomical surveys and instruments like PLANCK, SPT, DES and eROSITA.

Impressum, Conny Wendler