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Proposing Institution

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid,Astrophysics & Space Science,Computational Physics
Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Yepes
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
E-28049 Madrid
n the next years there will be a substantial number of observational projects that will be gathering photometric and redshift data from galaxies at different epochs in the universe, covering a large area of the sky (e.g BOSS, BigBOSS; DES, KIDS, Euclid, eROSITA, etc). The cartography of galaxies and dark matter distribution in the Universe will be much more accurate and consequently, will put strong limits to the viable cosmological model of the Universe. But, in order to derive cosmological constraints from these data, they must be compared with the theoretical predictions of the different cosmological scenarios. The only possible way to do that is by simulating large computational volumes with enough resolution to accurately resolve the same objects than in the galaxy surveys. In this project, we propose to make a set of N-body simulations in gigaparsec scale volumes with 100's of billions of particles to resolve halos with circular velocities > 200 km/s. Using the Abundance Matching technique, we have recently shown (see Nuza et al paper arxiv1202.6057) that we can accurately reproduce the clustering properties of LRG's in the BOSS survey using the MULTIDARK dark matter only simulation . Thus, for the new runs we proose to make in PRACE, we will be able to extract full volume mock galaxy catalogues for current observational experiments BOSS and KIDS and make predicitons for future ones like Euclid, BigBOSS, etc. The mock catalogues extracted from these simulations will be publicly released through web-based databases and offered to the scientific astronomical community.

Impressum, Conny Wendler