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Proposing Institution

University Observatory Munich
Project Manager

Dr. Klaus Dolag
Scheinerstr. 1
81679 München
Research in the Computational Astrophysics Group (CAST) at the University Observatory Munich ranges from the theoretical investigation of star formation up to cosmological scales. A variety of different, well known numerical codes (like RAMSES, GADGET, PLUTO, SEREN) are used. Primary investigations regard the relation between turbulence and phase transitions in the multiphase interstellar medium (ISM), energetic feedback processes, molecular cloud and star formation in galaxies as well as cosmological structure and galaxy formation and the interplay between feedback processes, AGN and galaxy evolution and their imprint on the intergalactic medium (IGM) or intercluster medium (ICM). It is now clear that small-scale processes like the condensation of molecular clouds into stars and large-scale processes like gas infall from the cosmic web into galaxies are intimately coupled and have to be investigated in a concerted effort. The projects foreseen will cover and link the various scales and allow the group to continue and extend their numerical efforts and contribute to our understanding of crucial aspects of the formation and evolution of star-forming regions and the ISM, galaxies and their IGM as well as galaxy clusters and the ICM. It will also allow us to continue the development and application of new numerical methods and the next generation of multi-scale codes within the framework of numerical astrophysics as well as training of students and young PostDocs.

Impressum, Conny Wendler