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Proposing Institution

Project Manager

Dr. Ferdinand Jamitzky
Boltzmannstr. 1
85747 Garching
Scalalife is a project supported by the FP7 EU-programme which develops new hierarchical parallelization approaches explicitly based on ensemble and high-throughput computing for new multi-core and streaming/GPU architectures, and establish open software standards for data storage and exchange. It will implement, document, and maintain such techniques in pilot European open-source codes such as the widely used GROMACS & DALTON, a new application for ensemble simulation (DISCRETE), and large-scale bioinformatics protein annotation. The project has created a Competence Centre for scalable life science software to strengthen Europe as a major software provider and to enable the community to exploit e-Infrastructures to their full extent. This Competence Network provides training and support infrastructure, and establishes a long-term framework for maintenance and optimizat ion of life science codes.

Impressum, Conny Wendler