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Proposing Institution

Project Manager

Dr. Alexandros Stamatakis
Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg 35
6911 Heidelberg
Phylogenetic tree reconstruction strives to infer evolutionary relationships of a set of organisms based on molecular sequence data. Recent advancements in sequencing technology have caused an avalanche of sequence data, making it possible to base the tree reconstruction on whole genomes of a large number of species. Tree inference under the maximum likelihood (ML) criterion is a widely used, but compute-intensive method for this task. Our goal is to test the scalability of our ML-based tree reconstruction software (RAxML) in the context of two large-scale phylogenetic analysis projects: Firstly, the 1K insect transcriptome (1KITE; http://1kite.wikispaces.com) project will study the transcriptomes (i.e., the expressed parts of the genome) of 1,000 insect species encompassing all recognized insect orders. The project aims to establish a robust backbone tree for insects for the first time. Similarly, the goal of the second project is to infer a phylogeny of a representative sample of bird genomes.

Impressum, Conny Wendler