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Proposing Institution

Project Manager

Dr. Matthias Brehm
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching
Performance analysis and tuning is an important step in programming multicore-based parallel architectures. While performance analysis tools exist that help the developer in analyzing the application performance, these tools do not give any recommendations how to tune the code. AutoTune will extend Periscope, an automatic online and distributed performance analysis tool developed by Technische Universität München, with automatic online tuning plugins for performance and energy efficiency tuning. The resulting Periscope Tuning Framework will be able to tune serial and parallel codes with/without GPU kernels and will return tuning recommendations that can be integrated into the production version of the code. The whole tuning process, consisting of automatic performance analysis and automatic tuning, will be executed online, i.e., during a single run of the application. The research results of AutoTune will be integrated into a commercial development environment of a European SME and validated with real-world codes. Results will be widely disseminated through high-quality publications, workshops and conferences, and the large user-base of a computing center and will influence teaching activities of the academic partners.The consortium unites European experts and comprises world-class universities, a major Europeansupercomputing center, an innovative SME, as well as a major IT company, and has the required expertise to accomplish the aims of AutoTune.

Impressum, Conny Wendler