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Proposing Institution

Fachgebiet Strömungsmechanik, TU München
Project Manager

Dr.-Ing. Somnath Ghosh
Boltzmannstr. 15
85748 Garching
DNS and LES of non-premixed inert and reacting turbulent flows will be performed taking the detailed transport of active scalars into account. The first part of the project concerns the pure mixing without chemical reactions. Mixing layers with different Mach numbers andlarge density gradients either due to different compositions (like oxygen and hydrogen) or due to different temperatures of the free streamswill be investigated. Data available in the literature are being used for validation and comparison. Another important aspect of the study consists indetermining the role of detailed and thermal diffusion effects. The comparison between DNS and LES calculations with subgrid models for the turbulent transport of scalars is planned. Subgrid-scale modelling will be based on anextended explicit filtering approach.As the calculation of reacting flows is very demanding due to the smallscales that are introduced by the chemical reactions, important simplificationshave to be made. So the first step will be to work with infinitely fast reactions. Corresponding DNS results will be used to investigate the influence of strong density gradients which are now caused either by heat release due to chemical reaction or by different composition of the gas. The further work will aim at LES of reacting flows. After implementing LES combustion models,which are already available in the literature, the development of new modelsis planned. The first test case with combustion is the plane mixing layer. Then the step towards configurations that are closer to real combustion chambers will follow: Firstly, simplified geometries likenarrowing and widening pipes then more detailed burners. The final goal of the work will be an LES of a swirling flow in a combustion chamber.

Impressum, Conny Wendler