Can I use services in the MWN with my iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in the Munich Scientific Network

The MWN offers the following access possibilities:


SSID lrz


The free AnyConnect client can only be obtained from the AppStore. After the installation, enter the following for Connect to: It may be necessary to reinstall the certificates

IPsec VPN:

Access with the VPN client works with the integrated Cisco client. The LRZ.VPN.Profil.mobileconfig profile can be obtained at

Installation: Either go directly to the above mentioned page with the browser in the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch or send the profile to the device in an e-mail and then install it. The LRZ web server can be accessed directly from the WLAN.



SSID eduroam, 802.1X

Access with 802.1X works. The profiles for eduroam (LRZ.eduroam.Profil.mobileconfig) and for the certificate (LRZ.Certs.mobileconfig) can be obtained at

For iPhones obtained through the Telekom:
For iOS Version 3 or later, the certificate is no longer needed because it has already been installed ahead of time. An import results in an error message.

Installation: Either go directly to the abovementioned page with the browser in your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, or send the profiles to the device via e-mail and then install them.

Detailed instructions can be found at


iPhone, iPad Touch firmware up to  1.14:

Due to the absence of installation possibilities on the iPhone and incomplete implementation of the WLAN protocols, only the LRZ web server can be reached from the WLAN.