IGE: Initiative for Globus in Europa

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The Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) is a project providing European researchers with the tools to share computing power, databases, instruments, and other on-line tools.

IGE is a member of the Globus Alliance, the collaboration that produces the Globus toolkit, an open source set of software components that address the most challenging problems in distributed resource sharing. Through this collaboration IGE supports the European computing infrastructures and their users by providing a central point of contact in Europe while strengthening the influence of European developers and users on the development of Globus. IGE coordinates European Globus activities while also helping with the development, customisation, provisioning, support, and maintenance of the Globus Toolkit.

IGE is funded through the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). IGE serves as a comprehensive service provider for the European e-infrastructures regarding the development, customisation, provisioning, support, and maintenance of components of the Globus Toolkit. This involves the following activities:

  • Continuous measurement of software quality
  • Operation of a software repository for European Globus development
  • Participation in standardisation bodies and Globus-related conferences
  • Training, promotion, and documentation activities

Beginning of project: 01.10.2010
End of project: 30.04.2013
Funding: EU - FP7-Infrastructures-2010-2
Project number: RI-261560

Website: http://www.ige-project.eu/