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The EU project EGI-InSPIRE establishes a sustainable European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). EGI provides access to high-throughput computing resources with the use of grid and cloud computing techniques. EGI is linking research computing centres all over Europe to provide respective computing resources to a broad range of scientific areas. In EGI the LRZ acts as the competence centre for the grid middleware Globus. It provides 2nd and 3rd level support to all EGI sites with a Globus installation as

ell as researchers using Globus software.


In 2014 Germany decided to leave the EGI. Therefore, the German participation in the support effort was greatly reduced. However, this process went along with further negotiations about a reorientation of EGI in general which opened a pathway for Germany to rejoin EGI in 2015.

A webinar for the usage of Grid-Software Gsissh-Term was presented. This webinar can be viewed online via YouTube:

Fast Facts

Project Duration

1.5.2010 – 30.4.2014

Contact person

Dr. Helmut Heller

Funding agency

European Commission


Partner Institutions

  • CERN 
  • EMBL 
  • 37 European scientific institutions representing the respective national grid infrastructures 
  • 9 partners from the Asia-Pasific area