New ANSYS Software Release 2022.R2 & upcoming ANSYS Fluent Course @ LRZ

New ANSYS Software Release 2022.R2

Since the beginning of this week (9th August 2022) the new release of the ANSYS software, release 2022.R2 has been installed and tested on the LRZ Linux Cluster systems (CM2, CM3), "old" and "new" RVS systems and SuperMUC-NG. The new ANSYS Release 2022.R2 has been made the new default version. Earlier releases ranging from 2020.R1 up to 2021.R1 remain available as individually loadable modules (with some exceptions on SuperMUC-NG, see below).

The LRZ documentation for the ANSYS software on the LRZ HPC systems has correspondingly been updated.

For more information on how to use the ANSYS software products on our LRZ HPC systems, please refer to:

The ANSYS software download page at LRZ has already been updated:
so that you can now proceed with the update of your local software installations on your own computers as well. The ANSYS license servers operated by LRZ are correspondingly updated to the new software version as well.

If you should encounter any issues with the provided ANSYS software modules on the LRZ HPC systems, than please file a LRZ Service Request.

Remarks on this new ANSYS Software Release 2022.R2:

  1. This is the first ANSYS software release which is now operating in distributed parallel execution mode utilizing Intel MPI version 2021.6 on SLES15 operating system, i.e. on CMUC2 (cm2, cm2_tiny) and SuperMUC-NG.
  2. Since CMUC3 (mpp3) is still running on SLES 12 operating system, the software has been implemented with Intel MPI 2018 on this older Linux Cluster. It is not recommended to use CMUC3 with ANSYS software for system coupling simulations, i.e. fluid-structure interaction. It is expected, that this ANSYS software release (2022.R2) will be the last implemented release on this Linux cluster before the machine will go out of service towards the end of this year.
  3. Due to updates to the SLES15 SP3 operating system on SuperMUC-NG, a couple of earlier ANSYS software releases have become non operational and since the underlying ANSYS software releases were never officially released for SLES15, the issues can no longer be fixed. The corresponding modules have been deactivated on SuperMUC-NG and users of these ANSYS software versions are adviced to migrate their simulations to latest and contemporary software versions like 2022.R1/R2, which are known to work well on SuperMUC-NG. Corresponding ANSYS solvers on CMUC2/3 are not affected. Affected ANSYS solver versions on SuperMUC-NG in particualar are:
    • cfx/2021.R1
    • fluent/2020.R1
    • fluent/2020.R2
    • fluent/2021.R1

In case of any further observations regarding functionality and/or performance of the ANSYS software on LRZ High-Performance Computing Systems, please file a LRZ Service request to the LRZ, HLS/CXS Application Support Team.

Upcoming LRZ Introduction Courses on ANSYS Fluent and LRZ HPC Systems Usage

The following upcoming courses will be provided by LRZ about introduction to LRZ HPC systems with focus on CFD workflows (e.g. ANSYS CFX/Fluent, StarCCM+). Furthermore the LRZ is offering again the course on ANSYS Fluent (Oct-Dec 2022).

  • HCFD3s22 – 10.08.2022 - “Introduction to LRZ HPC Systems with Focus on CFD Workflows”
  • HCFD1w22 – 27.10.-08.12.2022 (2x 2 hours on every Thursday) - “Introduction to ANSYS Fluent”
  • HCFD2w22 – 12.10.2022 - “Introduction to LRZ HPC Systems with Focus on CFD Workflows”
  • HCFD3w22 – 14.12.2022 - “Introduction to LRZ HPC Systems with Focus on CFD Workflows”

All above listed LRZ courses are open for registration. Please refer to our LRZ course registration page:   

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