New SimCenter StarCCM+ Release 2021.3.1 on LRZ HPC Systems

Dear Users of Siemens PLM Software at LRZ Linux Computer Systems & SuperMUC-NG,

In the week of 14. December 2021 the new release of SimCenter StarCCM+, Version 2021.3.1 (Siemens PLM Software) has been installed and provided on the LRZ HPC systems running under operating system SLES15 SP1, SLES12 SP5 and on the new RVS systems under Ubuntu OS. The StarCCM+ solver is provided in both mixed and double precision. The LRZ documentation for this software and the module system on the HPC systems have been updated in due course. 

The new version StarCCM+ 2021.3.1 has been made the new default version.

Licenses for using Star-CCM+ on the LRZ Linux Cluster Systems can either be obtained for TU Munich employees and students as so-called Power-on-Demand (POD) licenses from an existing TUM Campus License for the Siemens PLM software through the IT Service Desk of TUM. A rather limited number of Star-CCM+ floating licenses is available directly on LRZ HPC systems for registered users. In case of interest in using StarCCM+ on LRZ Linux Clusters please contact our LRZ Service Desk.

The Star-CCM+ software is available on the LRZ Linux clusters through the commands:
     module av starccm/2021.3.1                           # loading the StarCCM+ module for the mixed precision solver version
     module av starccm_dp/2021.3.1                    # loading the StarCCM+ module for the double precision solver version

The corresponding documentation on how to run the software in distributed parallel mode has been updated:

The available licenses at LRZ are limited to a timeframe until February 2022. Members of TUM have access to the TUM Campus license (POD keys) for Siemens PLM software, which can be used on LRZ HPC systems as well.

In case of any further questions, requirements or the need for support, please submit a LRZ Service Request ( with clearly indicating “StarCCM+: …” in the subject of your request.

(Dr. Th. Frank)
LRZ, HLS/CXS - High-Performance Computing Systems/Application Support

Verfasser: LRZ HPC Application Support
veröffentlicht: 2021-12-14