A new software stack is available

Dear users,

A new software stack, spack/release/22.1.0 is available on CoolMUC-2 (Linux-Cluster) and SuperMUC-NG (SLES 15 SP1).

The new stack includes the latest GCC 11, Intel 20.0.4 & NVHPC compilers and newer Intel-MPI & Intel-MKL versions along with updated versions of most of the applications and libraries.

The full detailed list of changes is mentioned here, https://doku.lrz.de/display/PUBLIC/Spack+Modules+Release+22.1.0 

Please report any bugs or inconsistencies you may find working with the Spack/release/22.1.0. Please be aware, this stack is not going to be the default loaded Spack software stack when you log in to CoolMUC-2 or SuperMUC-NG.

You may want to swap the default loaded software stack with the newer stack module by invocation of:

module swap spack/release/22.1.0

Verfasser: CXS Application Support Group
veröffentlicht: 2021-11-09