HPC Code Optimisation Workshop and other online courses by LRZ

There are still places available for the online PRACE workshop co-organised by LRZ, NHR@FAU and Intel:

HPC Code Optimisation Workshop, 02. – 04.11.2021

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Where does the performance of my application lay?
  • What is the maximum speed-up achievable on the architecture I am using?
  • Is my implementation matching the HPC objectives?

In this workshop, we will answer these questions and provide a unique opportunity to learn techniques, methods and solutions on how to improve code, how to enable the new hardware features and how to use the roofline model to visualise the potential benefits of an optimisation process.
Through a sequence of simple, guided examples of code modernisation, the attendees will develop awareness on features of multi and many-core architecture which are crucial for writing modern, portable and efficient applications.

The registration deadline has been extended to 31 Oct 2021.

Lecturers: Jonathan Coles, Mathias Gerald, Carla Guillen (LRZ), Thomas Gruber (NHR@FAU), Edmund Preiss, Alina Shadrina, Michael Steyer, Dmitry Tarakanov, Igor Vorobtsov (Intel)

WWW: https://events.prace-ri.eu/event/1268/overview

Other upcoming online courses by LRZ:

Introduction to ANSYS Fluent
Date: 28.10. – 02.12.2021
Lecturers: Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Frank (LRZ), Nisarg Patel (LRZ)
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.612231/

Modern C++ Software Design
Date: 17. – 19.11.2021
Lecturer: Klaus Iglberger
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.596757/

Introduction to LRZ HPC Systems with Focus on CFD Workflows
Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Frank (LRZ)
Date 1: 17.11.2021
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.630422

Date 2: 19.1.2022
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.630428

Advanced Fortran Topics
Date: 23. – 26.11.2021
Lecturers:  Dr. R. Bader, Dr. G. Brietzke (LRZ)
WWW: https://events.prace-ri.eu/event/1244/

Accelerating CUDA C++ Applications with Multiple GPUs
Date: 30.11.2021
Lecturer: Dr. Momme Allalen (LRZ, NVIDIA certified University Ambassador)
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.637697

Node-Level Performance Engineering
Date: 01. – 03.12.2021
Lecturers: Prof. Gerhard Wellein, Dr. habil. Georg Hager (NHR@FAU, Uni. Erlangen)
WWW: https://events.prace-ri.eu/event/1249/

Molecular Modeling with Schrödinger-Suite
Date: 06. – 07.12.2021
Lecturers: Schrödinger software experts and LRZ Biolab team
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.dc0d3e5debcb_5955782473.Molecular%20Modeling%20with%20Schr%C3%B6dinger-Suite

AI for Science Bootcamp
Date: 01. – 02.02.2022
Lecturers: PD Dr. Juan Durillo Barrionuevo, Elham Shojaei, Maja Piskac (LRZ), Dr. Tobias Haas, Dr. Khatuna Kakhiani, Dr. Lorenzo Zanon (HLRS), Dr. Alexandre Strube, Jan Ebert (JSC), N.N. (NVIDIA)
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.76db02ef54c8_5948351101.AI%20for%20Science%20Bootcamp (registration will open soon)

Parallel Programming of High Performance Systems
Date: 08. – 10.03.2022
Lecturers: Dr. habil. G. Hager, A. Afzal, Dr. M. Wittmann (NHR@FAU), Dr. V. Weinberg (LRZ)
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.f2cf764a87b2_5956105978.Parallel%20Programming%20of%20High%20Performance%20Systems (registration will open soon)

N-Ways to GPU Programming Bootcamp
14. – 15.03.2022
Lecturers: Dr. Momme Allalen, Dr. Volker Weinberg (LRZ), Dr. Tobias Haas, Dr. Khatuna Kakhiani, Dr. Lorenzo Zanon (HLRS), N.N. (NVIDIA)
WWW: https://app1.edoobox.com/en/LRZ/Online%20Courses/Online%20Course.ed.707c82babfc3_5948628391.N-Ways%20to%20GPU%20Programming%20Bootcamp (registration will open soon)

Information on further courses:

We are looking forward to meeting you online!

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