Linux Cluster: Updates to CoolMUC-2 software environment on June 7

Update (June 7, 2021, 10:35)

The roll-out has been performed

Dear users of the CoolMUC-2 cluster,

on June 7, there will be an update of the environment module system that removes many legacy modules and updates the spack-based software stack to the new release 21.1.1,

which is documented here:

You will be still able to switch to the previous spack stack with

> module switch spack spack/staging/20.2.2

Depending on the modules loaded in your (SLURM) scripts or in your private environment, this may in some cases cause job failures or environment errors which will require your attention.

We do not expect that this release update will require recompilation of existing binaries.

Note that the default python module changes to a 3.7.2 version. Please check out the python documentation

Verfasser: R. Bader, G. Mathias
veröffentlicht: 2021-05-31