Maintenance of the ANSYS Software License Server @ LRZ :

Dear Users of the ANSYS Software @ LRZ, 

due to quite substantial changes to the academic licensing scheme of the ANSYS software, being introduced by ANSYS Inc. with the latest software release ANSYS 2021.R1 in Jaunary 2021, the administrators of the LRZ license server for the ANSYS software have to implement these changes in a hereby announced maintenance.

      Maintenance of the ANSYS Software License Server @ LRZ
      Affected Service:
      Start : Tuesday, 02. March 2021 at 8am

      End:    Tuesday, 02. March 2021, at 4pm

Possible Consequences and Side Effects of the Announced Maintenance:

  • During the maintenance period the functionality of the ANSYS software license server cannot be guaranteed.
    A reboot of the license server can be necessary during the maintenance window at any time. Thereby still running simulations with the ANSYS software might loose the connection to the license server and terminate due to lack of software licenses. Local work with the ANSYS software will be affected as well.
  • Which systems are affected by the maintenance of the license server
    •  SuperMUC-NG
    • All Linux Clusters at LRZ including housed cluster systems
    • LRZ Login nodes and RVS system
    • All computer systems at TUM, LMU, HM which receive their ANSYS software licenses through the above named LRZ license server service (
      This affects the work with both the ANSYS Research and Teaching licenses throughout the whole Munich Scientific Network (MWN) including computer systems being connected to MWN via VPN.
  • Which ANSYS software versions are affected?
    All ANSYS software versions will be affected by that change to the ANSYS 2021.R1 software licensing scheme being introduced here by ANSYS Inc. The corresponding changes in the licensing scheme will be documented on the LRZ documentation pages:
    In particular FEM and CFD solver licensing will be limited to the solver execution on 4 build-in CPU cores (formerly on up to 16 build-in cores). For each additional core in the FEM/CFD solver execution an ANSYS HPC license will be required. Further changes affect the mesh size/element number restrictions of the ANSYS teaching licenses.

The LRZ licensing team is working towards the goal to keep the maintenance window as short as possible and will announce in due course, if the restart of productive work with the ANSYS software will be possible again after finalizing the maintenance. This might occure well before the published end of the maintenance window, if all intended update work to the ANSYS 2021.R1 release can be finalized earlier.

Split of ANSYS Research and Teaching Licenses:

Due to the changes in the licensing scheme the LRZ will split the provisioning of ANSYS software licenses depending on license type on two different LRZ license servers:

  • - provisioning of ANSYS research licenses
  • - provisioning of ANSYS teaching licenses
The change will take effect after the license server maintenance on Tuesday, 02. March 2021, 4pm.
Users intending to use the ANSYS teaching licenses need to refer to the local ANSYS software installation, invoke the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility (or in Release 2021.R1: ANSYS Client Licensing Settings) and they need to enter here the corresponding license server name for the intended ANSYS license type.

Required User Action after the Completed Maintenance:

In order to refer to the newly renamed ANSYS software license feature increments, all users of the ANSYS Software need to reset their local license preference settings for the used ANSYS software release(s) and for each individual ANSYS software user. This can be done by opening for each locally installed and used ANSYS software release the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility and do:

  • Open the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility
    • Enter the corresponding license server name (licansys.lrz de  vs.
      The port numbers to be entered here remain unchanged (Ports 2325 and 1055).
      This step requires to run the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility with Windows Administrator priviledges.
  • Open the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility
    • License preference settings for the local user
      • Select the appropriate ANSYS Software Release from the provided list --> Ok button
        • Press the button on the bottom of the window to "Reset Settings to Default"
      • This step has to be repeated for all locally installed and used ANSYS software versions.

In case of any arising question, please file a LRZ Service Request.

Verfasser: Th. Frank
veröffentlicht: 2021-02-22