SuperMUC-NG: SCRATCH usage and deletion policy changes

Dear users of SuperMUC-NG, 

the SCRATCH file system filling ratio has now significantly exceeded 80%. In order to avoid job crashes and adverse I/O performance impact, measures are necessary to reduce the data pressure  on that file system. 

Therefore, starting on February 26, we will activate the file deletion policy for SCRATCH, which will initially remove files older than 120 days. During the weeks following this, the maximum file removal target age will be progressively reduced to 30 days.

This gives you slightly more than one week to appropriately react by

(1) removing unneeded file sets from SCRATCH, or

(2) archiving file sets from SCRATCH to the Spectrum Scale (TSM) tape facility, and subsequently deleting them from SCRATCH.

We strongly urge you to implement one of the two measures listed above as soon as possible.


Verfasser: R. Bader
veröffentlicht: 2021-02-18