HPC Systems: Provisioning of Abaqus 2020 Software

Dear users of the HPC systems at LRZ,

this notification concerns all (potential) users of Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM) software Abaqus by Dassault Systems on Linux Clusters including all hosted Linux Clusters and RVS at LRZ.

In the 3rd week of July 2020 the concurrent release of the Dassault Systems software, Abaqus / Simulia Release 2020, has been installed on the LRZ Linux Cluster CoolMUC-2 and the RVS systems. An initial release of corresponding LRZ documentation for the Abaqus software as well as the Abaqus module for SLES15 systems have been provided in due course. 


Hereby I would like to summarize a few important points about this first availability of the Abaqus software at LRZ:

  • Abaqus / Simulia has been installed on the LRZ filesystem in the path:
    This should not be of particular importance to users, since the search path to the Abaqus binaries is automatically added to the Linux search path by invoking the corresponding Abaqus module with the command:
         module load abaqus/2020
  • Abaqus by Dassault Systems is licensed commercial software. The LRZ is not able to provide any free-to-use, free-of-charge Abaqus licenses. This means that interested users have to purchase their own licenses from Dassault Systems and have to provide them through an appropriate setup Abaqus license server. In case of any related questions, please contact the LRZ Service Desk.
    For Abaqus users from TUM, please have a look at the documentation section about licensing:
  • In the provided user documentation Abaqus users can find an example SLURM script, on how to setup and use Abaqus in batch queue mode and by using the scheduler SLURM on the CoolMUC-2 Linux Cluster. Users should adapt this SLURM script to their particular needs. If you need assistance or if you might have any questions, please contact the LRZ Service Desk and LRZ staff will assist you with this task.

The installation of Abaqus 2020 has been carefully tested on the LRZ CoolMUC-2 (CM2) cluster. If you nevertheless should observe some issues or not properly working functionality, please open a ticket in the LRZ Service Desk (https://servicedesk.lrz.de/en) indicating "Abaqus:" in the ticket subject.

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