HPC Systems: Release of the ANSYS 2020.R2 Software

Dear users of the HPC systems at LRZ,

this notification concerns all users of the ANSYS software on both the SuperMUC-NG, Linux Clusters including all hosted Linux Clusters and RVS at LRZ.

In the 2nd week of July 2020 the new upcoming release of the ANSYS software, Release 2020.R2, has been installed on all LRZ Linux Clusters, SuperMUC-NG and the RVS systems. The LRZ documentation for the ANSYS software as well as the module systems for SLES12 and SLES15 systems have been updated in due course. 


Hereby I would like to summarize a few important points about this next release of the ANSYS software:

  • With the update of the module system the ANSYS 2020.R2 release will be made the default version for all ANSYS software components on LRZ compute resources. 
  • A bit to our surprise, ANSYS has made particularly a step back in support of Intel MPI. While former releases had already partially supported Intel MPI 2019, this time for release 2020.R2 in accordance with the release notes of the software all ANSYS programs are now using Intel MPI 2018 again.
    Furthermore ANSYS has deprecated and removed support for the no longer supported IBM Platform MPI, i.e. it is no longer available as an alternative to Intel MPI. Open MPI support is provided some subproducts of the ANSYS software suite, but this has not yet been tested on LRZ Linux Cluster systems so far.
  • ANSYS Fluent 2020.R2 is known to be working well on the CoolMUC-2 cluster. But so far it was not yet successful to run ANSYS Fluent 2020.R2 on either CoolMUC-3 and/or SuperMUC-NG. Since these both clusters use an Intel OmniPath interconnect network, it is currently assumed, that there is an issue between the ANSYS provided Intel MPI 2018 and these cluster interconnects. The issues are further investigated. But for the time being ANSYS Fluent 2020.R2 has been disabled on MPP3 and SNG. Users are pointed to the formerly existing ANSYS Fluent releases (R19.1 - 2020.R1) as working alternatives on these two LRZ clusters. CoolMUC-2 users are free to give Fluent 2020.R2 a trial.
  • ANSYS is further pushing their new CFF file format for ANSYS Fluent and now has provided an additional postprocessing format with beta capability support, which will enable the CFD-Post postprocessor to read the new common file format data from Fluent more directly and without the necessity to refer to the "old" CAS/DAT format.

The installation of ANSYS 2020.R2 has been carefully tested on LRZ compute systems. If you nevertheless should observe some issues or not properly working functionality, please open a ticket at the LRZ Service Desk indicating "ANSYS:" in the ticket subject.

Verfasser: Th. Frank
veröffentlicht: 2020-07-16