Siemens SimCenter StarCCM+ for home office use

Dear Siemens PLM / StarCCM+ Users,

Siemens PLM, the software provider of the CFD solver software package StarCCM+, has reacted to the current Corona situation, where many software users are working from home office and sometimes facing difficulties to reach their normally used license servers. Siemens PLM is offering to LRZ users a temporary POD licensing for StarCCM+ (currently until 20. April 2020), which can be used in home office as well. Internet access with access to a Siemens license server might be still required, but no longer any VPN access to the TUM or LRZ network in order to access the LRZ license server.

Users who are interested in this kind of POD licensing of StarCCM+ for home office use, please contact the LRZ Service Desk.

LRZ, HLS/APP team.

Verfasser: LRZ, HLS/APP
veröffentlicht: 2020-03-23