HPC Systems: Provision of New Software - ANSYS/EM, StarCCM+, ESSS Rocky DEM

Dear users of the HPC systems at LRZ,

this notification concerns all users of SuperMUC-NG and Linux Clusters including all hosted Linux Clusters and RVS at LRZ.

Over the past weeks a bunch of new software has been provided for the LRZ HPC systems, which has (as far as applicable) been installed on all LRZ Linux Clusters, SuperMUC-NG and the RVS systems. The LRZ documentation for this software has been updated in due course and the module system will be updated within the next days. 

So what's new?

    ANSYS/EM is a separate software package from ANSYS Inc. providing simulation software for electro-magnetic field simulation (MAXWELL-2d/3d) and for the prediction of the propagation of low- and high-frequency electromagnetic signals (HFSS). The ANSYS/EM software versions 2019.R3 and 2020.R1 have been installed on the LRZ Linux Clusters. The ANSYS Electronics Desktop is available through the command:
         module av ansysedt
    Currently only for the version 2019.R3 there is an integration with the Linux Cluster scheduler SLURM available. A corresponding documentation on how to run the software in distributed parallel mode has been created:
         https://doku.lrz.de/display/PUBLIC/ANSYS+on+HPC+Systems  --> Maxwell/HFSS
  2. Siemens PLM : SimCenter Star-CCM+
    Following up on user requests, now the fluid dynamics software Star-CCM+ of the Siemens PLM software suite is pre-installed on the LRZ Linux Clusters as well. Currenly available software versions include 2019.2.1, 2019.3.1 and 2020.1. Licenses for using Star-CCM+ on the LRZ Linux Cluster Systems can either be obtained for TU Munich employees and students as so-called Power-on-Demand (POD) licenses from a recently granted TUM Campus License for the Siemens PLM software through the IT Service Desk of TUM. A rather limited number of Star-CCM+ floating licenses is available directly on LRZ HPC systems for registered users. In case of interest in using StarCCM+ on LRZ Linux Clusters please contact our LRZ Service Desk.
    The Star-CCM+ software is available on the LRZ Linux clusters through the command:
         module av starccm
    A corresponding documentation on how to run the software in distributed parallel mode has been created:
    The available licenses at LRZ are limited to a timeframe until February 2021.
  3. ESSS Rocky DEM
    Last but not least CADFEM GmbH has made available a limited number of free to use licenses for the process industry simulation software ESSS Rocky DEM, a disrcete element modeling for the flow simulation of granular materials. Licenses are provided through a LRZ license server. Interested users are asked to contact the LRZ Service Desk.
    The available licenses are for limited to a timeframe until January 2021.

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