HPC Systems: Change in ANSYS Licensing on SuperMUC-NG

Dear users of the HPC systems at LRZ,

this notification concerns users of the ANSYS Software (CFX, Fluent, ANSYS Mechanical) on the SuperMUC-NG.

Since approx. Sept. 2019 a work-around was used on SuperMUC-NG in order to access the LRZ license server for the ANSYS software from the compute nodes of the machine. For this purpose it had been adviced and documented, that users had to define temporarily in their corresponding SLURM job scripts two additional environment variables (ANSYSLI_SERVERS and ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE) pointing to a temporarily installed additional license server.

Hereby we announce, that this temporary solution is no longer required. By Thursday, 16th January 2020, the temporary relay license server on the SNG Login node login08opa.sng will be switched off. Users of the ANSYS software on the SuperMUC-NG are asked to remove the additional environment variable settings from their SLURM scripts. This can be done already right now. In order to obtain a valid ANSYS license from the LRZ license server no special requirements or settings are necessary anymore - besides loading one of the provided ANSYS software modules and being registered with own User-ID for the usage of the ANSYS software on SNG. The LRZ documentation pages have already been adapted to this change and show updated examples of valid SLURM job scripts for the ANSYS Software:


In case of any question about the ANSYS software on LRZ Linux Clusters and the SuperMUC-NG please open a ticket at the LRZ service desk.

Verfasser: Th. Frank
veröffentlicht: 2020-01-12