HPC Systems: Software Updates

Dear users of the HPC systems at LRZ,

this notification concerns both the SuperMUC-NG and Linux Cluster users at LRZ.

The default software development environment (Intel Parallel Studio 2019) has been updated with a bug fix release (update 5) on January 8, 2020. All components except Intel MPI were updated. These updates should have no effect on existing applications. Should you observe otherwise, please open a ticket at the service desk.

Furthermore, the recently released Intel Parallel Studio 2020 is now available as a non-default environment. It is comprised of the following environment modules:

  intel/19.1 - C/C++/Fortran compilers
  daal/2020  - data analytics library
  ipp/2020   - performance primitives
  mkl/2020*  - math kernel library
  tbb/2020   - threading building blocks
  mpi.intel/2020* - Intel MPI
  advisor_xe/2020 - Intel Advisor
  clck/2020  - cluster checker
  amplifier_xe/2020 - Intel VTune
  itac/2020  - trace analyzer
  inspector_xe/2020 - Intel Inspector

Verfasser: R. Bader
veröffentlicht: 2020-01-08