Change of access policy for the tape archive of SuperMUC/SuperMUC-NG

Due to changed technical specifications for the IBM Spectrum Protect software, we have to change the access policy for the tape archive on SuperMUC-NG.  This will also affect data from SuperMUC, which have already put into the tape archive.

Permissions to access the data will now be granted to all users of a project i.e., all users in a project group can retrieve data from other users in this project group.

  • The previous policy was that only the users who wrote the data into the archive could access it.
  • If your project is ‘pr12ab’, you can see the members of this group by:
    getent group pr12ab-d
  • You have to add the project in the dsmc commands  i.e.
    dsmc q ar “/gpfs/work/p12ab/us12ab5/*“ –se=p12ab
  • Please note the difference between the project (“pr12ab”) and the permission group for data (”pr12ab-d”)

If the new policy is not appropriate for you, the master user/project manager must put a request to the servicedesk. We will then restrict the access only to the master user/project manager  of the project. However, all other users in the project group will have no access.

The new access policy will be active after the shutdown of SuperMUC Phase (December 31st, 2019).

You will then find details and examples: Backup and Archive on SuperMUC-NG.

Verfasser: Matthias Brehm
veröffentlicht: 2019-11-22