Upcoming storage migration for LRZ cluster systems

Dear users of the Linux Cluster Systems at LRZ,

Because the NAS-based storage systems operated at LRZ are nearing the end of their lifetime, LRZ is in the process of setting up new, Data Science Storage (DSS) based systems for the purpose of long-term data storage. In conjunction with this, LRZ also will transfer management rights and obligations for the PROJECT storage areas to the data curator, an additional role typically taken on by the master user of your project.

To assure that you receive the necessary information on the storage areas assigned to you, please verify in the LRZ IDM-Portal section "Self Services | Person | view" that your user data contain an e-mail address, either for an LRZ mail service on a personal account, or as contact e-mail address. Otherwise, please ask your Master User to register a contact e-mail address for you in IDM-Portal.

On the operational side of the LRZ Linux Cluster systems, there will be changes to the currently deployed file system setup. This impacts both the HOME and PROJECT file systems. The following table gives an overview of the migration timeline:



Requests for PROJECT areas Need to be submitted to your master user / data curator (instead of issuing a request to the Service Desk)


User e-Mail notification of DSS PROJECT link

Following actions are required on your part:

  1. Confirm the e-Mail invitation to validate your access,
  2. After the Linux Cluster maintenance (see below), store path information in an environment variable on the Cluster (e.g. by setting the PROJECT variable in ~/.bashrc).

One this is done, migrating data from NAS PROJECT to DSS PROJECT can start.

- 27 

Linux Cluster maintenance New storage setup will be configured during this period.
The cluster systems will be unavailable for user operation during this period.
DSS PROJECT available on HPC systems; NAS PROJECT path is mounted read-only.


Migration of data

Following action is required on your part:

Migrate data from the legacy NAS area (pointed to by the PROJECT_LEGACY variable) to the new DSS area. LRZ strongly advises to get rid of unneeded data sets, and/or archive data sets to tape.

Step-by-step procedure for migration:

  1. On any cluster login node, issue the command
    dssusrinfo all
    This will list paths to accessible containers, as well as quota information etc.
  2. Edit your shell profile and set the PROJECT and/or WORK variable to a
    suitable path value based on the above output, typically one of the DSS
    paths with your account name appended to it.
  3. Use the cp or rsync or tar command to migrate your data from
    PROJECT_LEGACY to the new storage area.
  4. If your scripts use absolute path names instead of the PROJECT or
    WORK variable, they need appropriate updates.


HOME directory path change

You will find all HOME data in the new DSS HOME area (unless you are specifically notified that you need to perform HOME data migration yourself). For emergency recoveries, the legacy NAS area (pointed to by the HOME_LEGACY variable) will remain available in read-only mode until the end of the year.

Following action is required on your part:

Make necessary adjustments to (job) scripts and configuration data to account for the changes in path names. LRZ strongly recommends using relative path names because this minimizes the required work.  amples:


End of service for NAS systems NAS paths will be taken offline. Please contact the Service Desk for outstanding data migration issues.

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veröffentlicht: 2019-11-05