Gauss Call 22 for Large-Scale HPC projects on SuperMUC-NG (Deadline Aug 5, 2019)

The Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) provides computing power and services of the highest performance class for computational sciences and engineering at its three member sites in Garching (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, LRZ), Jülich (Jülich Supercomputing Centre, JSC), and Stuttgart (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, HLRS).

Projects are classified as “Large-Scale”, if they require 35 million core-hours or more per year. For these large-scale projects a competitive review and resource allocation process is established by the GCS. Requests below this limit and requests for test projects will be directly processed by the individual member centres. A "Call for Large-Scale Projects" is published by the Gauss Centre twice a year.

The current 22nd call will be open

July 8th to August 5th 2019, 17:00 o’clock CEST (strict deadline)

The current call covers the period 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020 and includes access to SuperMUC-NG.

Eligible are applications from German universities and publicly funded German research institutions, e.g., Max-Planck Society, and Helmholtz Association.

Application for a large-scale project should be performed by filling in the appropriate electronic application form via GCS-JARDS:

Please use the template files provided by GCS:


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