Next Upcoming ANSYS CFD Training Course at LRZ

The next upcoming short course on "Introduction to ANSYS Fluid Dynamics (CFX, Fluent) on LRZ HPC Systems” will take place in the week from 2.-6. September 2019 at LRZ in Garching near Munich, Germany. At the moment there are still vacancies for new participants.

Interested ANSYS Software Users are asked to register as early as possible on the corresponding LRZ website:

The focus of this 5-day course is targeted on students, PhD's and researchers with good knowledge in the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and potentially with some first experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The course will focus on the introduction to the ANSYS Fluid Dynamics software packages, i.e. ANSYS CFX and ANSYS Fluent. Further, participants will be familiarized with the main steps of the typical CFD workflow, in particular with CFD preprocessing / CFD setup creation, serial and parallel solver execution and CFD post-processing in both CFD solver systems CFX and Fluent. Correctness of boundary conditions and CFD setup specifications, solver convergence control, solver monitoring, customization capabilities of the solvers and the post­processing as well as recommended CFD best practices are covered.

The course further focuses on the usage of the ANSYS CFD software in a typical Linux cluster environment for massively parallel computations. This includes a basic Linux primer, introduction to LRZ HPC systems and network environment, intro to the use of the SLURM scheduler, CFD remote visualization and aspects of successful CFD simulation strategies in such an HPC environment. Finally some aspects of workflow automation using Python as scripting language are targeted as well.

Verfasser: Dr. Volker Weinberg
veröffentlicht: 2019-06-24