Linux Cluster: CoolMUC-3 interruption of operation

Update (Feb 15, 15:00):

Unfortunately, we'll need some more time on the integration work, so returning the CoolMUC-3 compute nodes to user operation is delayed.

Dear users of CoolMUC-3,

due to hardware extension work and for completion of the updates that failed to work properly in January, there will be an interruption of operation of CoolMUC-3 starting on February 12 around noontime; the interruption is expected to last 2-3 working days. The following SLURM queues are impacted by the outage:

  • mpp3
  • htus
  • httf
  • kcs_nim

The login node of CoolMUC-3 should remain available for development work.

Verfasser: R. Bader, K. Otte
veröffentlicht: 2019-02-06