Important News for SuperMUC and SuperMUC-NG

1. SuperMUC Phase1 and Phase 2: Interruption of operation due to testing of SuperMUC-NG:

Operation of SuperMUC Phase Phase 1 and Phase 2 may be severely limited during the testing and benchmarking of the new System, SuperMUC-NG. According to the current planning, this affects the period between the end of September to the beginning of November (approx. 4-6 weeks). As work on SuperMUC-NG progresses, we will be able to specify the exact schedule and length of these limitations as well as which and how many islands will be affected.

We expect that the Login and TSM Nodes will be kept in operation during the service interruption, as well as the Fat Node partition of SuperMUC Phase 1, however there uncertainties. Projects that expire during or shortly after the service interruption will be automatically prolonged.

SuperMUC Phase 1 (the Sandy Bridge and Fat Node partitions) will be retired shortly after the start of operation of SuperMUC-NG approximately end of the year. SuperMUC Phase 2 will be kept running in parallel with SuperMUC-NG for some months after taking the new system into operation.
Once we have information that is more precise, we will inform you.

2. Data in WORK and HOME:

For a smooth and efficient migration of data to SuperMUC-NG we ask you to initiate  the cleanup and the preparation of your data for the migration to SuperMUC-NG:

  • delete unnecessary data (we are already short of WORK space)
  • compress large non-binary files
  • if you have a large number of small files in WORK,  combine (and compress) many small files and directories into large tar-files (and delete the many small files)

3. Gauss Call for Large-Scale HPC projects (Deadline Aug 13, 2018 17:00 CEST)

Projects qualitfy for this call, if they require 35 million core-hours or more per year. For these large-scale projects a competitive review and resource allocation process is established by the GCS.  Currently the 20th call is open:

           July 9th to August 13th 2018, 17:00 o’clock CEST (strict deadline)

The current call covers the period 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019 and includes access to SuperMUC-NG, after the start of its user operation.

Application for a large-scale project should be performed by filling in the appropriate electronic application form that can be accessed from the GCS web page:


4. SuperMUC Status and Results Workshop/User Forum

We also want to remind you about the  SuperMUC Status and Results Workshop at the LRZ in Garching, July 24-25, 2018

For program, registration etc. see:

In the context of this workshop, a User Form (24th July afternoon) organized by LRZ will take place. There, LRZ will announce more details about the planned operational concept for SuperMUC-NG. Also, you will have opportunity to supply your feedback as well as your future requirements, and to directly discuss with LRZ staff members.

5. Information about SuperMUC-NG

We hope to provide you with a manifold increase of performance and bandwidth on SuperMUC-NG. You may find initial information at:


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