Training on data analytics, big data and machine learning workflows at LRZ

In addition to supporting traditional HPC applications, the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) is offering systems and services to address the increasing demand of data analytics, big data and machine learning workflows. In a series of trainings, we will provide introductory courses for researchers and students who want to utilize LRZ resources for tasks of this nature.

The "opening session" on Wednesday, March 21st will provide an "Introduction to LRZ Machine Learning Tools". Attending this full day course will give you an overview of the high performance computing hardware and software services available at LRZ and you will learn how to utilize these systems, focusing on different machine learning tools and applications.

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A follow-up training on Thursday, March 22nd will take a deep-dive into "Using R at LRZ". This full day workshop will illustrate the different possibilities of utilizing R for data analytics and machine learning tasks on various LRZ systems by providing guidelines and best practice examples.

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Finally, on Friday, March 23rd, we will offer a "Python for Supercomputing" workshop. In this full day refresher course, different Python topics of interest to data analytics/machine learning practitioners and distinctive use cases of high performance computing environments will be covered.

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If you have any questions regarding these trainings prior to registration, feel free to contact Dr. Johannes Albert-von der Gönna (

For an introduction to deep learning techniques, please also consider taking part in one of our "Deep Learning Workshops" in the coming months.

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