Job Offer: Parallel Programming Environments and Libraries

We are currently looking for an

Expert for Parallel Programming Environments and Libraries

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Installation, correctness testing and performance verification of communication and message passing libraries (MPI, GPI, Global Arrays, OpenShmem, OpenCoarrays etc.) on HPC systems
  • Establishing tools, workflows and a test suite for analysing, isolating and classifying performance and correctness issues in the communication/transport layers of abovementioned libraries
  • Perform research in the area of programming model innovations (e.g., fault tolerance)
  • Develop containerized solutions for scientific and application driven workloads.
  • Processing and tracking of identified software bugs
  • Assure the proper integration of the communication libraries with the scheduling systems
  • Assure parallel environment service quality (especially after system maintenance measures)
  • Maintain and extend the user documentation for setting up optimally performing application runs

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Verfasser: Hannelore Apel
veröffentlicht: 2017-12-07