Virtual Reality- and Visualisation software at the LRZ

Virtual Reality and Visualisation software at the LRZ

Due to the different needs for the variety of users we offer a large set of VR and visualisation software displayed in the following overview:

Software Version Kategorie Link
Equalizer 1.0.2 Application Framework
inVRs 1.0 Application Framework
VRJuggler 3.0 Application Framework
jReality alpha 5 Application Framework
AVS 7.1/7.2 Vistool
Amira VR 5.2/5.3/5.4 Vistool
Catia V5 Vistool
Covise VR 6.5.0 Vistool
Drishti 2.0 Vistool
Realtime Technologies (RTT) 10.0 Vistool
EnSight 9.0 Vistool
IDL 8.1 Vistool
Paraview 3.12 Vistool
Quest3D 4 Vistool
Unity 3.4 Vistool
Visit 2.4 Vistool
VMD 1.9 Vistool
Deep Exploration 5.7 Model Converter
Meshlab V1.3 Model Converter
TechViz Interceptor
OpenSG 2.0 Scene Graph
OpenSceneGraph 3.0.1 Scene Graph
Geomagic Studio 12.0 Surface Reconstruction
Trackd   Tracking Library
VRPN   Tracking Library
Blender 2.61 3D Modeling
3D Studio Max 2012 3D Modeling
Bino 1.2.1 3D Player
Stereoscopic Player 1.7 3D Player