State licensing of NAG libraries

The numerical components from Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) are available for all scientists and students from Bavarian Universities and Fachhochschulen under a contract between Bavarian computing centres and NAG.

LRZ has prolonged its licencing contract with the Numerical Algorithms Group. The duration of the new contract is until March 31, 2014.

Scope of licencing

The scope of the new contract is larger than that of the previous one. Most importantly, also students may install the libraries on their home desktops or laptops for research and studying purposes.

Licenced components

The new licence contract includes the following numerical components:

  • NAG Fortran Library:
    nearly 1500 subroutines of mathematical and statistical algorithms
  • NAG SMP Library:
    an efficiently multithreaded implementation of the NAG Fortran library for use on shared-memory multi-core systems. Under the scope of the licence agreement, this library may be deployed on systems containing a single multi-core socket.
  • NAG Toolbox for MATLAB:
    call any Fortran Library routine from the MATLAB user interface.
  • Fortran 90 Library:
    a modern Fortran 90 interface to a large subset of the Fortran library's functionality
  • NAG C Library:
    A C interface to more than 1000 calls from the NAG Fortran library
  • NAG Data Mining Components:
    A collection of callable components designed to help developers build fast, accurate, and robust applications for predictive analytics.

The components may be installed on any supported platform / operating environment combination.

Licenced Users

Employees as well as students from all Universities and Fachhochschulen in Bavaria may use these components, including home use for research purposes as well as teaching activities.

The only restriction in the use of the software is that it is only available for academic purposes within the State. It may not be used for commercial exploitation and it cannot be built into other systems for commercial use anywhere, nor can it be used for academic use outside the State. The licence also does not apply to other institutions associated with, but not formally part of the Universities or Fachhochschulen.

Sublicencing Procedure

The software packages can be downloaded from NAG's web server. To enable the use of the software a licence key is required. Please contact the NAG support desk to obtain such a key.

Important notes:

  • Please specify a valid university e-mail address / contact information in your order to enable confirmation that you are among the licenced users.
  • In your mail to NAG support, reference the contract number CR11468.
  • You will obtain a licence key valid for one year. If you still need the software after that period, you can order a new licence file for the duration of the contract.


Documentation for all numerical components is available from the NAG web pages in various formats (HTML, PDF, MathML). Please also consult the LRZ web page (in German) for the NAG libraries for specific usage instructions on LRZ's HPC platforms.

Further licencing questions can be directed to LRZ licencing services, and for technical questions (or submission of bug reports) you may submit an Incident Report after logging in with your LRZ account.