PLplot: A scientific plotting API

Introductory notes

PLplot is a library of C functions that are useful for making scientific plots from programs written in C, C++, Fortran, Octave, Python, and Tcl/Tk. The PLplot project is being developed by a world-wide team who interact via the facilities provided by SourceForge (

Version 5.6.1 of PLplot is available on all Itanium and Opteron/EM64T based HPC systems at LRZ.

Usage of PLplot on LRZ computing platforms

Access to the PLplot installations is provided via the environment module plplot:

module load plplot

This will set environment variables needed for compilation and linkage of executables.

Compiling and linking C applications


[icc|gcc] -c <options> $PLPLOT_INC foo.c

static linkage:

[icc|gcc] [-static] <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_LIB

dynamic linkage:

[icc|gcc] <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_SHLIB

Compiling and Linking Fortran 95 applications

The following presupposes that you access the explicit interfaces of the API by inserting

  use plplot

into any routine or module using a plplot call.


ifort -c <options> $PLPLOT_F95_INC foo.c

static linkage:

ifort [-static] <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_F95_LIB

dynamic linkage:

ifort <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_F95_SHLIB

Compiling and linking C++ applications


[icpc|g++] -c <options> $PLPLOT_CXX_INC foo.cpp

static linkage:

[icpc|g++] [-static] <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_CXX_LIB

dynamic linkage:

[icpc|g++] <options> myprog  <objects> $PLPLOT_CXX_SHLIB

Further Information

  • HTML based PLplot documentation on the sourceforge site
  • example programs in the directory $PLPLOT_BASE/share/plplot*/examples