CGNS - CFD General Notation System


The CFD General Notation System (CGNS) provides a standard for recording and recovering computer data associated with the numerical solution of the equations of fluid dynamics.

Source code for both the libraries and tools is available from the CGNS Sourceforge page.

CGNS installations on LRZ HPC systems

Version 2.5 of CGNS is available on the Itanium-based HPC Systems. Please load one of the following environment modules:

module load cgns/2.5


module load cgns/2.5_hdf5

The latter version supports HDF5 instead of the default ADF interface. It loads a suitable HDF5 module unless the user forces a choice of his own.


First, the executables located in $CGNS_BASE/bin become available. There are some viewing utilities (adfviewer, cgnsplot, based on Tcl/wish), and some conversion utilities to/from other file formats.

Second, the CGNS library and include file are available. You can build any of the Fortran examples from the source archive by issuing

ifort -o fexample.exe $CGNS_INC fexample.F $CGNS_LIB

An analogous procedure should work for C, using the Intel C compiler (icc).


The GUI utilities have a help system. If you select "Help -> Configure" from the GUI menu and press "Default" the HTML help pages are activated; selecting the Help subentries will then open the appropriated HTML pages in the browser (a usable X11 connection may be needed).